Sway and leap, dance expressly.
Rhythm’s sweeps lets us less see
arms weaponized, more flesh and bone.
riding out on desolate plains
skies of colors, dark, forbidding
sending rays of electric
necessity, intensity, urgency
leaping my heart, my loins, my essence
grabbing onto the giver of lessons
My theories come in synchronicities and
instinctual leaps.
My truth comes in different shapes and sizes.
It is not free, but fluctuates
in value and price.
Sagacious butterflies may morph
into pre-archaic beasts
of mechanical flight,
then fission into visions
throughout multi-dimensioned space,
or coalesce into a perfect face.
Kind touch, open
reveling in shared humanity
etches a loving pattern
for integration,
incentive to dare creative leap.
Each bounding leap more distant.
Inviting opulence, opening vistas
I may take this leap,
wake from my sleep,
break from faith’s gilded glass cage.
The excuse of my age
no longer staunch enough
to make me behave
as a self-shackled slave.