Moon in Libra

I may not have a lot, talking about material things, and more concretely, the symbol behind all that stuff, money, and the fantasy of all that stuff money can be exchanged for. When I say I don’t have a lot, that is only in comparison to some American dream, or even many people I know and interact with. But, I could as easily compare my store of possessions to the truly poor, and see myself quite wealthy. That’s the point. I am. Quite wealthy on my own terms — with everything I value. I know I complain horribly because I can’t afford some terribly important toy. But, hey, they say Danes love to complain, yet keep testing out as the happiest people on Earth. And why are the Danes so happy? Because they like what they get. They don’t need wealth in terms of breakable toys and up to date impressing accoutrements of ostentation. They are happy to have fulfilling jobs and lots of time to play and enjoy with loved ones. Me too. I could be Danish! Well, a Dane of Irish/Italian extraction born in the USA. But my point is that I don’t even have time to be buying the latest gadget and fashion or keeping up with high consumption rates (and wasn’t consumption some romantic disease a couple of centuries back?). I’m way too busy having fun, expressing my lovely creativity, and lovelier sexuality (hee hee). If sex sells second-degree products, I’m obviously ahead of the game, going directly to the first degree real experience. Is that what the “make love, not war” people were about?

Walking my hero’s journey
to the music of my soul
Dancing, in tune with my Universe
Millions of sparkling diamonds
light my cotillion