Cloistered for warmth in this area between.
I’ve learned its scenery, lattice worked into my eyes.
Slowly turning toward a greener path, pausing at this door,
portal to awe of wisdom, pure radiant bliss.
Knots of pain and betrayal unwind.
Wheeling psyche casts stellar brand.
Archetype of mystic revelations carried
through the world of Man – I behold this promised land,
potent stream of prophecy.
Commanded, I lay down my burden, weight against my back
of gathered assets I was certain to require.
Freed to meet my mission, to accept desire,
immortal pleasure, the opportunity to sketch,
to draw out beauty, to paint leisurely upon prism glass.
Have I reached the bridge upon the crossroads, the glimmering?
Led to primordial sea which I devoutly travel, native soul
returned.  Having earned passage, my long journeyman’s
wage; peered, stared into age, a deep reflective well.
A wild road calls, beyond this threshold, sculpted by
oceanic power, tectonic rifts, feral air.  I feel self-created destiny
shudder slowly, seismically
incite as I prepare
Wildflowers stain floating air,
exquisite arousal.
Lithe lizards bare to radiant heat.
Warm, smooth stone,
home to softly green moss, invites ease.
Busy buzzing beings, gossamer wings
exult, hum in fair breeze.
Minds extend, reach, touch, grasp every moment.
puissant nectar,
sweet sustenance.
Abundant sensation.
Communal flame, convivial mentation;
nascent scent giggles revelations.
Kite tail of brilliant rainbow
diffuses wavelengths,
gifts rosy hue to twilight.
perceptual shift
Ecstatic movement past revelation
from which there  is no return
to what you used to see
who you used to be
That ultimate step to transcend
eternity’s threshold,
magic’s trick of the eye
Mind when it moves
so easily
shining newly emitted
light that belies
primeval storm,
primal fear, attacks
unclear of meaning
Dance reveals new landscape
Eyes, now excited, aware
ready to venture forward
Intuition follows
this blazing trail
Bliss Consciousness
People seem to be threatened by the idea of bliss, trying to corral the ineffable with definitions.
How can I put words around without restricting open-ended bliss?
Have they no faith in their loving Creator?
Have I no faith in my co-creating higher Muse?
The suffering, disappointments, traumas, desolation — these are not the gifts of deities
demanding or displeased.  These are natural consequences of forces set in motion
impervious to prayer, blind to persons, unaware of our individual sad stories.
Meaningless happenstance we give greater power by attributions of guilt, blame,
bitter condemnation.
Take a little turn, I tell me, into a new truer dimension to perception.
Bliss is the source condition that surrounds us, is the essence of,
all that space in, around, between.
This is the Creator’s plan, Eden’s blueprint, paradise here and hereafter.
This is Christ’s salvation, Buddha’s enlightenment, Mohammed’s dream,
Zarathustra’s revelation.  This is the holy secret Great Goddess whispers
in her cradling lullaby.
All of consciousness, all that life can give, is an option to open eternally
into completion as full awareness of bliss.  Breathe in the healing.
Breathe out the stale pain.
Laugh in the chilling rain, yes, even as the tsunami hits, the Earth quakes,
erupting ash burns, take my hand, my word, my promise.
A universe of bliss is yours for the accepting.  It costs nothing but your sins,
your misconceptions, your resistance to true unfettered life, your immortal soul.
collective consciousness released to dance in expanding space
Zest for jest unbound
Majesty lovingly reconfigures silence
doom, gloom
consecrate violence
Sorcery She exhumes
with such vigor
to trigger excruciating revelation
The pinnacle falls
all those stationary stones
of faith
What luck!
No burden left to tether
to weigh down
Insubstantial ground
demands no obeisance
biology’s tedious dependence
materiality’s limits
boundaries of this physical plane
beyond explanation
to imagining
beyond capacity
of dream
Weave into the fabric of a tribe of artistic dancers.
Fall under the spell of pure magic.
Silent night, peace and cold
Imbue me with music
In ecstasy, I dance to the stars.