E.L.F.  5/23/14
Please, never mock at Eris
Lest Eris mock with you
She of star hot temper
fells any who upset Her
You haven’t got a clue
It isn’t that you’re stupid
Or even that She’s wise
but that’s She’s wildly puissant
You aren’t dealing with Cupid
mere love spells to hypnotize
She wields power of Chaos
She cares not about Right
No honor for high status
What Eris wants She fabricates
from that within Her sight
Will charged up with magic
Slights small or large revenged
Express desire, She grabs it
Though for you it’s tragic
She laughs and strikes again
Best mortal, mock not Eris
Lest Eris mock with you
Unfazed by fear nor reason
She razes as She pleases
You haven’t got a clue