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Artist Stories

Submission Guidelines1. Email your story — written or video. There are no word limits. Use your best judgement, remembering that readers tend to do better with articles 250-600 words than very long pieces on the Internet. You can also send in a video through a public or unlisted YouTube link that will be embedded in this website. Keep the videos to about between 2-5 minutes. I know this seems like a short amount of time to fit in a lot of important information, but the attention span of average video watchers is limited to just a few minutes.  Less is okay as long as the message is clear.Send emails to jrowartist at gmail dot com and I will upload your story to this website. There will be a library page designated for stories once we have a good collection of stories. Each person will be linked to their own individual page (See: Vagina Project for examples).2. The story should address the social issues that you face as an artist. Here are some examples of what could be addressed in your story:Why don’t you just get a “real” job?Does your day job take away from your ability to fully pursue an artistic career?Do you have health insurance?What happens when you need to see a doctor? Do you have any tales of woe regarding being unable to afford health care?Forget about living pay check to pay check; do you know how you are going to pay your rent from month to month?Can you identify with the phrase feast or famine?How does living a creative life impact your stress levels, emotional experience, and/or mental health?How does your income impact your nutrition?Do you live in questionable housing conditions due to your artistic vocation?Do you have more than one day job?Do you have stable employment?Do you work as an adjunct? Maybe in more than one location? Maybe the work is seasonal and without benefits?What are the challenges of working full-time and still trying to pursue a creative career?What does it take for you to make money from your art?Are you delaying having children because you don’t have the means to raise a family and pursue a creative career?How has your race, ethnicity, or culture impacted your creative career?What about gender?Disability?Age?Are student loans ruining your life?What do you have to do to afford studio space or other art-related expenses?Do you have zero retirement benefits because of the nature of your career?Have you given up on artistic dreams because of these challenges and how has that impacted you?Other issues not mentioned here

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