Moon Light Triptych
Silver bracelet of Moonlight
night prism of serene
casts lines, luminescent desire
emboldened in reflection
Masked Lady Moon sneaks
into my room,
speaks of fantastic adventure.
Dare I question her
abundant gesture?
I a masked gypsy
painted in gloom,
a taste for wry humour,
impossible promises,
resplendent terrain.
A woman insane,
taken in by the Moon.
Fair sister, illusory rock, cold, dark
so far from my daily chains.
I have no home
but clear, quiet salvation
hiding like Moonlight
unmasked in my mind.
I tell you the moon dreams of beauty.
I tell you the soul is but a butterfly,
sweet and fluttery, without the substance
of a cloud.
I tell you that this is what I adore:
You, here and now, a shower of acceptance,
telling me to tell you more.
as out, so in
Lake silent, dark
mirror to reflective Moon
complete in stillness
Wind escapes blackened maples,
catches crackling leaves
to whirl, to fall
Integral, self-contained, this world knows
mystery, bloodlines, senses unspoken,
helpless ecstasies eternity allows
for now
October 18, 2012
Passing mist veils/reveals Moon glow
as she moves through caressing clouds
trying to reach me
so far below.
How can I know
it is me she desires?
My mind is on fire,
moonstruck, some might say.
Flying along the Milky Way
fueled by moonshine.
She flashes her shadowy eye
through cloud-studded sky
and I feel fine.