variegate shades 
symbols of ancient trade gaily parade 
coax wry smiles shaped to tease 
sinuous pleasure 
cleverly she spins, sways, sweeps, 
catches a whirl of trance 
better than life 
her blood, taste of iron 
and butter, 
sweet, salt, serene 

the thrill is in the taking, 
the rushing and tumbling 
unobserved, unexpected, 
trick of the eye laid bare 

delicious secrets 
creep into sight, strive to misbehave 
for acknowledgement 
small, frantic, overburdened 
Is such awkward love 
this bright moon midnight, 
enter the circus 
mirror fly on the wire 
transform as incantation 
come alive 
free, beneath galaxies, 
perform miraculously
to your gleeful applause