Sky born, lifted into life above
Water, Earth, primordial mud.
Bare breath and lilting light float, carry insubstantial
tongues, bitter yet sweet. Exultation, daring
to swoop, touch,
taste, briefly complete with
flowering waves.
Winter Gods glaze over mountain peaks,
rocky rivers, mother’s eyes.
She gives suck embalmed in memory,
engulfed in smoke of smelting flame,
gasping, tropically turning, blind, yet
beyond fear.  She regurgitates paste of
air, light, instinct, held together with spit
and love.  Taste her sacrifice.
A world drifts.  Black night backlit in
pinpricks.  Atmosphere built like bioluminescence,
symphonic, symbiotic.  Hear as rippling elements
grow words, symbolic histories, into a Summer game.
Out here, sparkling rain weaves rainbows.  Reverence
casts poetry as shimmer and shadow play.
Up here, beyond boundaries of ordinary days,
the only Commandment to penetrate —
Be Peace