It’s not that sex is sin, bad for moral purity,
or euphoric nature’s gifts an affront on
All That Is Holy.
(Biblical disposition adapted to
Providential vision, a biased capitalism
based on self abnegation
rather than a healthful view of wealth.)
A powerful profit model built upon
slavery of responsibility to dependents —
sex for such purpose must issue descendants.
Hopelessly hooked on corporate licensed medicine,
treadmilled to produce high-cost enriching energy.
See our computer graphic charts:
“A work of Art!” too valued to despoil with your
(I’m sure)
busy little lives.  Education must
align with labor needs projections —
hiding useful information behind well
developed lies.
(So be assured, these words will fade as you awaken.)
Virulent slime fed in work stations and schools,
popular entertainment snacks,
our patented brew,
captivating memes
blow through airwaves,  as your lives hurry through.
It can’t possibly be slavery if we make you believe:
You own you